About UBConnect

UBConnect is a market-leading provider of infrastructure and consulting services to the private and public sectors, in industries such as telecommunications, IT, railways, and power and energy.

We have an active presence in four countries and currently employ more than 200 talented individuals, and are rapidly expanding.

Sometimes it is necessary to obtain external help to cope with demands for change. Our main tool is to listen, pay attention and carefully think through the customer’s issue before putting our deep market insight to use to ensure our customers’ success in meeting their overall objectives and strategy. We adjust deliveries according to our customers’ feedback and the challenges that customers face in their daily work. This helps to reduce costs and increase knowledge transfer.

We are proud to support the world’s market-leading companies with innovative solutions that increase efficiency and productivity, performed by some of the best experts and project managers in the infrastructure sector.

We consider our customers to be our partners. In collaboration with UBConnect, you will have access to the resources and expertise you need for your project to succeed. We make sure you reach your goals.


  • Respect for people
  • High level of business ethics
  • Community culture
  • High competence
  • Integrity