Consulting services

UBConnect’s service portfolio is adapted to different needs in a growing market for use of technical and project administration resources and teams, as well as various turnkey projects.


The company’s range of services is positioned towards consultancy deliveries within technology and infrastructure, including deliveries of resources within ICT and project administration, to industries such as IT, education, public administration, telecom, power and energy, transport, and more.


The company’s deliveries is based on a hybrid business model, which we consider necessary to satisfy the needs of new and existing customers, and to always have capacity within our customer’s requested competencies. UBConnect provides fixed consultants, in addition to consultants through Sourcing and partners.


With many market entrants, UBConnect’s competitive advantage is primarily to be able to acquire expertise based on inquiry, and to provide it on the basis of our customer’s evaluation criteria, most often of consisting of quality, performance ability, price and availability. The way the company differentiates itself, and which makes it possible to maintain a delivery capacity beyond the competition, is through UBConnect’s full service hub, which focuses exclusively on keeping consultant deliveries up and running while also keeping high quality.