For contractors

What can UBConnect do for you?

As a turnkey provider of technical and project administration consulting services in ICT and infrastructure, we assist both public and private technology and infrastructure projects throughout the value chain.


We have a broad service portfolio ranging from idea phase, planning, architecture and development, to design, project management, operating support and management. Our resources are provided from a hybrid model of permanent employees and consultant services.

From the moment we get a request, we work purposefully and dedicated to ensuring that the requested delivery is provided based on the requested expertise and at the right price. Don’t all providers do that, you might be thinking?


We are confident that our international service hub which works exclusively for the purpose of delivering all requests for technology and project management makes us stand out from other provider.


The service hub helps us to have a lower overhead than our competitors, to be faster on the trigger and quality assure all of our deliveries to a greater extent. You can rest assured that internally we require on Norwegian as the working language and invest a lot of time and resources in technological, business and cultural understanding in order for you to have a good customer experience.


We like to say that we’re sitting in the country’s foremost specialized environment, whether in terms of single resources or larger teams for turnkey projects. With in-depth knowledge of the changes that are taking place in the market, we quickly provide expertise where needs for expertise arise. Combined with the service hub, we can proudly guarantee a delivery capability far beyond the ordinary.


We don’t send just anybody to our customers. We set strict personal requirements for the individual to ensure that our consultants act professionally at all times and comply with UBConnect’s principles and basic rules.


For us, it goes without saying that our customers, and our customers’ customers, will receive forward-looking and highly professional consultants with good knowledge of the social aspect that is part of the consultant’s life.


Are you curious about working with us? Please try us by letting us compete on an equal footing with your existing providers.