Norway's preferred provider of mobile network development

As the only player with direct deliveries to all mobile networks in Norway, UBConnect has acquired a unique position in the mobile market. We know that the future is digital. Therefore, we offer total services within traditional mobile development and indoor coverage in order to facilitate our customers’ maximum benefit from the opportunities 5G and IoT provide.


We deliver turnkey projects in which the entire value chain is safeguarded. With extensive and interdisciplinary experience, we guarantee quality throughout the process – from planning and development to upgrading, final documentation, operations and maintenance of mobile networks.

Perhaps you’re familiar with TV advertisements for 4G development (and soon 5G) at Bryne, or operators who proudly say that they have Norway’s best coverage? In all likelihood, we are the ones behind it – we are taking increasing market shares all over Scandinavia, base station by base station. Today we’re one of Norway’s largest developers.

5G requires low response time and high capacity to realize the many and innovative possibilities that open up – such as self-propelled vehicles or remote-controlled surgical robots in hospitals. A key prerequisite for success with this is turnkey providers positioned in mobile and fiber development. In this respect, UBConnect is in a special position. That’s why we call ourselves Norway’s digitization contractor.

Unique service hub – quality at all levels

UBConnect’s service hub is one of our foremost competitive advantages. In fact, it is one of the reasons why we deliver far above average – at least if we are to believe our numerous satisfied customers.

It’s perhaps not surprising, considering that we have over 100 highly skilled and dedicated employees each day providing services such as project planning, project management, QA and final documentation. In this way we get invaluable support for all of our projects in the Nordic region and ensure high quality in all aspects.

The result? A seamless, efficient and cost-effective implementation that no other provider can match. This is perhaps why we are a preferred provider of mobile development services.

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